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Live your dream and help your children to live their dreams by implementing six fundamental behaviors that will get you on your way to being found effortlessly.

 “This book is a specially written and very detailed for business owners. It is a workbook that gives excellent wisdom on how to build your presence online in an authentic way. It is a book that makes you take a look at your character as a business person and gives you direction on how to build your tribe with integrity. I really appreciate the great knowledge that is easy to apply with simple steps of implementation.”  
~ChrissI Burrell, Graphic Designer, Birmingham News
I am Dr. Eveangel Savage, Social Enterprise Strategist.  I affirm human social value for all people through social and financial wealth using degrees in 10 years of collegiate education in Education, Criminal Justice, Substance Abuse Counseling and PhD in Human Services with cutting edge research on the use of mobile applications for social support with 20 years of non for profit and for profit experience.   

I was born 2.6 oz, 6-months gestation, 53 years ago,  and according to medical doctors, I am a miracle.  On March 13, 2016, I graduated with a Ph.D. My journey was not easy as I struggled with many developmental delays. Interestingly enough, I am not alone, there are many millionaire entrepreneurs who are ordinary people, doing extraordinary things like Richard Branson (Virgin), the late Steve Jobs (Apple), Daymond John, (Fubu Clothing & Investor)I am looking forward to sharing how I learned to trust the process and build this awesome business.  

If you are searching for new and innovative ways to affirm your value, you are in the right place with a coach who holds you accountable. We are a Social EnterpriseOur business model is built on principles I learned from Millionaie Tycoon, Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Companies.  Audacity achieves results with three pillars... coaching and mentoring for business readiness from a distance; learning for the entrepreneur from a distance; and finally, project management services for the business that just wants someone else to do the work from a distance.    


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“ This is not just an enterprise but a MOVEMENT that is moving. Despise not small beginnings get on board NOW!!! Audacity is carrying/promoting a load of businesses that will help thrust it’s movement into it’s designed place of destiny that will change the community, world and nation at large. I’m honored to be apart of such connection and partnership. We have the audacity to change the WORLD!”    –Aida Taylor -​​

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